Metal processing

SimkoTech offers to its clients prototyping and production in low to medium volumes production of small and big gauge details. 3D processing on CNC milling center with high precission capabilities with posible sizes of the processed details of up to 1100 / 560 / 635 mm. In addition to the CNC milling SimkoTech offers also the following metal processing - lathe processing and internal and external diameter grinding. We strictly control also the implementation of all other types of metal processing which we outsource to external companies – termal processing, surface treatment etc.

Milling Tools

In order to provide the quality of the finished products we:
  • Use materials with quaranteed quality from suppliers with good reputation – high carbon and stainless steels, Al and Cu alloys, technical polimers etc.
  • Use CAD / CAM technologies and 3D design.
  • Cotrol the precision and the technological efficiency of every state of the metalworking process.
  • Have highly qualified personal.
  • Use high quality equipment - machines and instruments.

Instrumental equipment, stamping dies and moulds

Milling Center

Our strenght is the experience we have in the design and production of metal sheet stamping dies and moulds for thermoforming of plastic materials. In these two areas we can be helpful troughout the entire process the creation of a new product from the idea of it to the production of the pilot series.

With directions, sketches or blue prints of the client we can also design and produce other types of equipment – foundry forms for metal casting, moulds for injection and blow moulding machines etc.


The instruments are tested in real conditions and are delivered to the customer after successful pilot series.