Guarantee for quality

For us the constant high level of quality of our products is of primary impartance. This means constant improvement of the qualification of out staff, applying the methodology good practices organized according the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, applying the latest technologies in the metal processing and mechanical engineering , provided by the market leaders in the corresponding field.

Renishaw probes SimkoTech uses the products of Renishaw, worldwide recognized leader in the metal processing measurements field.

  • With the OMP40-2 probe we are able to measure critical dimensions, do constant monitoring during the entire processing of a certain detail, to quickly find base coordinates, to compensate on the fly the deprecation of the used instruments which could be very important especially when when the details are complex and require many machining hours or when there is a big series of details with very strict requirements on the dimensions.
  • The contact tool setting probe OTS enables us to do initial (before starting the processing of certain detail) broken tool check as well as rapid length/diameter measurement of the tool (check the deprecation of the tool ). This garantees that only tools with good quality are used.
These and many other electronic measurment techniques which we can do with the products of Renishaw, during the entire manufacturing process, help us to increase the degree of automatization, to decrease the human factor in our work and to garantee high quality of our products.