The services offered by SimkoTech include prototyping and serial production of small and big gauge metal sheet stamping products, design and realization of different types of instrumental equipment - metal sheet stamping dies, moulds for thermoforming, injection and blow moulding machines, foundry forms for metal casting. Prototyping of different products - realization of wooden or plastic models of the future product.

wooden prototype

    SimkoTech offers to its clients CAD/CAM design services as well as several types of mechanical metal processing:
  • 3D processing on CNC milling center with high precission capabilities with posible sizes of the processed details of up to 1100 / 560 / 635 mm.
  • Lathe processing of details with diameter up to 600mm and length up to 1500mm.
  • Internal and external diameter grinding
  • Prototyping - realization of wooden or plastic protypes